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To access investment offers relating to the NIVA group please contact an ISG Authorised Representative (ISG AR). ISG AR’s will be able to provide general product advice on specific NIVA investment offers.
The Financial Service landscape in Australia is one that is highly regulated. For a financial product or service to be offered in this regulated environment, entities providing such services must hold appropriate licenses.  Any advice provided by an ISG AR should be considered as General Advice only. Before you receive a financial service from an ISG AR you will be provided with a Financial Services Guide (FSG). The FSG will help you decide whether you want to use the financial services the ISG AR provides.

Please contact any of the Authorised Representatives below to discuss one of NIVA’s investment offers today.

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Income 2 WealthIncome2Wealth has a long and successful history of delivering results for investors by providing a diverse range of innovative investment pathways, enabling them to turn their income into real and lasting wealth. Founder & CEO Paul Wilson, along with his dedicated team, have in-depth knowledge of investing and client management, complementing ISG’s expertise in funds management.

This successful partnership ensures that there is a consistent volume of lucrative capital investment opportunities for investors. With over two decades of experience, Paul and his team continue to uphold the same values and culture Paul built into the company from day one. Investors continue to benefit from Income2Wealth’s extensive amount of industry knowledge and credibility.